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NBC tv posts their episodes online by 5 a.m. the morning after the episode airs on broadcast tv. Half-hour shows are broken up into three segments and hour-long shows are broken up into six segments. A commercial airs between each segment and it isn’t necessary to click the next segment once one ends as the next one will start automatically.

Watch NBC tv Online for Free

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is a Television network of the United States of America. It also used to run a radio network formerly. Headquartered in GE Building of New York City, it also has a major base in Burbank. It is also called Peacock Network. Established in 1926 by RCA, NBC’s realm was later handed over to General Electric (GE). At present, NBC General is the parent body of NBC TV network. More than approximate 112 million homes NBC channel. A major portion of the viewers watches NBC online for free. During its early days, NBC Orange Network and NBC Gold Network played major roles in ushering a revolution in the radio sector. Amos ‘n’ Andy of NBC network gained huge attention. Internet has truly ensured the public around the globe to watch NBC tv online for free

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