Watch Beelzebub 59 English Sub vosta streaming. Watch streaming Beelzebub 59 English Sub vosta Sunday Mars 5, 2012. We are in for a great treat in the next episode of Beelzebub 59. This coming Sunday , we will be given a back to back episodes namely Beelzebub 59 .

Beelzebub 59 English Sub

Jones and Decken have carefully planned the infiltration of the Ryuugu palace. Their tactic is for Decken to throw human pirates towards the walls of the palace. Those who have managed to survive should open the gates for Jones and his crew. From there, the plan to invade the palace will take place. The human pirates have no choice but to choose between a definite death or a chance to survive.

The story follows the strongest juvenile delinquent, Oga Tatsumi, a first year in Ishiyama High the school for delinquents. One day while sleeping next to a river he sees a man floating down it, he pulls him to shore and the man splits in half revealing a baby boy. This boy is the son of the demon king and he has been chosen as the one to raise it with the baby s demon maid Hilda. The story follows his life with the child and at the delinquent school.

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