Watch Naruto shippuden 250 English Sub streaming vosta. Watch streaming Naruto shippuden 250 English Sub Thursday February 16 2012. We are in for a great treat in the next episode of Naruto Shippuden. This coming Thursday, we will be given a back to back episodes namely Naruto Shippuden 250.

Naruto Shippuden 250 English Sub

In the recent episode of Naruto Shippuden, Kushina successfully gave birth to Naruto and Minato was very happy about it. Unfortunately, Uchiha Madara appeared from nowhere using his teleportation jutsu and took Naruto in his arms. He warned Minato to move away from Kushina or he will hurt the baby. A few seconds later, Madara threw Naruto in midair while Minato was left with no choice but to catch him. Madara’s plan to separate Minato from Kushina have succeed and was able to draw the nine tails out of her. Using his sharingan, he was able to control the nine tails and headed towards the hidden leaf village to initiate an attack. After making sure that Kushina and Naruto were out of danger, Minato went back to face the nine tails and Madara head on to a battle that he did not intend to loose. His one on one match with Uchiha Madara was very impressive. The 4th Hokage’s unwavering speed and wits have outmatched the powers of Uchiha Madara. I suggest that you should watch the 2 previous episodes if you have not done so. Madara withdrew from the fight since he was badly wounded while Minata continue to face the nine tails. In the end, Minato decided to use the Death Reaper’s seal to seal half of the 9 tails Chakra in him while he used another sealing jutsu to seal the nine tails inside Naruto. Both Kushina and Minato have died as a result of this sacrifice to save the Hidden Leaf. It was an episode that has all the qualities of greatness. Get more of these action in Naruto Shippuden Episode 250 next week so mark your calendars so you won’t forget.
Naruto Shippuden 250 – Watch Naruto Shippuden 250 English Sub Online Streaming

To tell you honestly, I am quite excited to watch this episode because I really wanted to find out how it all happened. Aside from that, I also want to see how Minato fought Madara. This is something that you really should not miss so better mark your calendars and be the first to watch this episode when it gets released either in Raw or English Sub online streaming.

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