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On home ground Kiel won all international matches since 9 October 2011 (23:24 against Montpellier). But: There is only a really rare number of clubs, THW have a negative balance against – MKB Veszprém is one of those.

Kiel only won twice against the Hungarian powerhouse, but lost four matches, including the 30:31 defeat in the first leg of this season’s Group Phase.

In their last crucial encounter in the 2006/2007 season, THW eliminated Veszprém in the quarter-finals by aggregate goals (36:39, 39:32) to become EHF Champions League winner later-on for the first time. And: Kiel never lost at home against Veszprém.

Currently both teams are still aiming high in three competitions – VELUX EHF Champions League, in which both are already qualified for the Last 16, their domestic league and the their domestic cup.

he great battle in the fall, a huge goal with flying colors from the host to the German MKB Veszprem against THW Kiel, which is the first in the Champions League this year, seeks to preserve. In this course, at least four or five European top teams want to stop – including Mirko Aliloviccsal erect four finals in Cologne in June or Hungarian champion.

« No secret that really want to win at Kiel, which of course does not require a superhuman performance since winning the Champions League in their hall more dangerous than away – said the Croatian goalkeeper. – Of course, the fall of our own body felt it away or give up, indeed! Now, they say, just because of the home field advantage is a sixty percent chance of Kiel. In other words, we need to succeed brilliantly, which more than anything we want.  »

According to the World Championships bronze medalist goalie coach Carlos Ortega can post as a team with two superbly skilled, experienced players waiting to enter orbit, and in this respect is to compete and the comparison of Kiel and the Veszprém. If the gate is just much considered the Alilovicnak Nandor Fazekas is also a class mate transmission, while the Germans, the French and Swedish Thierry Omeyer Andreas Palicka the « last man » – masters of all of its most brilliant.

« In fact, a point also made in the first place to our group, but rarely draw handball – continued. – The most important would be to stick the stake and the Kiel hall atmosphere caused by huge psychological pressure. As seen, a lot of experienced players from the great battle is organized event, I do not appear to shake our feet, wherever they be in us. Good game to beat your last Constanta, and this power can be drawn even if the Romanian champions would be foolish to compare the Germans.  »
The Kiel coach Alfred Gislason knows what, and who should pay attention to the most: « I’m very happy because my team secure victory against Hannover in the league, which was a dress rehearsal before receiving Veszprem – Icelandic experts said. – The Hungarians are one of the best in the world, Nagy built around the tactics that have kiismertünk vereségünkkor the fall.  »

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Kiel vs Veszprem streaming live Handball Champions League

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