Watch abed Karman episode 3 online on the web. Serie Abed Karmen directly for free. Abed Karman an Egyptian action series on during Ramadan!

“Abed Karman” is a new Egyptian series that promises resounding success on during the holy month of Ramadan. For all of you who are fond of spy and intelligence action drama, “Abed Karman” relates the story of an Arab agent called “Abed Karman” who works for the Egyptian intelligence.

Story of Abed Karman

“Abed” forms an Arab extended spy network that delves deep into the secrets of major countries until reaching the core of the Israeli society. His network manages to seize the maps of Bar Lev line which was destroyed in the war of October 6, 1973.

The story of “Abed Karman” is thought by Maher Abdul Hamid, the screenplay is written by Bashir Al Dik and is directed by Nader Jalal. The series stars Taym Hassan, Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, Sherine, Fadia Abdul Ghani, Ibrahim Yousri, Mohammed Wafiq, Rim Al Baroudi, Mirna Al Mohandes, Mohammed Abdul Hafez, Ulfat Imam, Jenny Esber, Nabil Nourddin and Ahmad Halawa

Stay tuned to the action and drama in “Abed Karman” series on during Ramadan!

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