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The role of Sabah was perfectly performed by Lebanese Singer Carole Samaha who has delved deeply into the personality of Sabah.

Singer and actress Carole Samaha acknowledges that she was concerned by the difference in look between her and Sabah since viewers are first impressed by the resemblance. Yet, as she went deep into impersonating Sabah, she melted into her spirit as we can see that the internal resemblance prevails.

The series sheds lights on some incidents that encountered Sabah during her singing career like the time she lost her voice at the stage or the time that she was expelled from Egypt and deprived from the Egyptian nationality. “Al Shahroura” points out to Sabah’s relations with political leaders such as Jamal Abdul Naser, Anwar Al Sadat and many others…

In respect to certain figures who preferred to keep their names unrevealed, writer Fidaa’ Al Shendelawi, wrote down Fairouz under the name of Roz, Assi Al Rahbani under the name of Asem and Said Freiha under the name of Saiid.

Head of Sabbah production house Sadeq Al Sabbah stressed that choosing the biography of Sabah is due to the echoing presence of this legend in Lebanon, Egypt and the Arab world.

This production is worth to be seen. It is a bridge that connects the Lebanese and Egyptian drama, he concluded.

“Al Shahroura” is expected to make a resounding success during Ramadan exclusively in Iraq on!

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